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Site policies and guidelines

Post by deuce » Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:48 am

1. There will be no discussion, questioning, or asking why a moderator or administrator has taken action on a post, thread, or member in public view on the site. Doing so will get you banned temporarily OR permanently which will be determined by the moderators and administrators. If you would like details you must PM a moderator or administrator. HOWEVER, moderators and administrators are NOT obligated to provide any details.

2. Insulting a moderator or administrator will result in being banned temporarily OR permanently which will be determined by the moderators and administrators.

3. A member may temporarily be banned upon a majority vote by the moderators and administrators for reason(s) that these rules may not cover.

4 Use of racial slurs and other hate speech will result in the post being deleted and the poster being permanently banned.

5. The use of violence or threat of bodily harm to any member, or their family will result in a permanant ban.

6. Just like the saying "think before you speak", please "think before you post". Please do not start any flame wars or cuss/curse/swear at other members.

7. Please do not "stir the pot" in a heated thread.

8. Any thread or post must be marked with "NWS" or "NSFW" when the text, image, or link is questionable.

9. Making a donation to the site will not prevent any member from being banned.

10. A temporary ban does not have a fixed amount of time. It could be 1 day or 1 month.

11. A yellow card is considered a WARNING. A yellow card may be issued for several reasons. After 10 yellow cards, you will be banned temporarily OR permanently.

12. The moderators and administrators are here to keep the site sane. WIth as much post whoring that goes on, it's not possible for every post to be read by the moderators and administrators. If something needs to brought to the attention of the moderators and administrators please send a PM to one or all.
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