Classified Rules - FAIR WARNING **read before posting**

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Classified Rules - FAIR WARNING **read before posting**

Post by RichardA » Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:57 pm

Further clarification was needed, so here it is.

If you don't meet the criteria listed in the classified rules post your ad will be deleted, no questions asked, period.

If you have approval from a mod or admin, post it in the ad at the beginning or bottom where it can be seen. Don't post and then try to get approval because when you look back, your ad will be gone.

If you have been vouched for, the person vouching for you should contact a mod or admin PRIOR to you posting your ad so it will not be deleted. It is then your responsibility to verify that you have been approved from that mod or admin. At that time, refer to #2 above.

Just because someone can vouch for you does NOT mean you will be approved. It just means that you will be considered for approval.

Another good way to start off selling your merchandise, if you are new here, would be to donate to the forum. There is a donation link and the forum would greatly appreciate your generosity. If you are new and you donate, you will still need to follow the above rules before posting your ad due to the confidentiality of your donation (between you and the admin only). Using the forum for your personal gains without contributing to it is GREATLY frowned upon.