CV Boot Clamps

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CV Boot Clamps

Post by Hodgdon Extreme » Fri May 15, 2020 11:45 am

I bought a used car; and both inboard CV joints are slinging grease out of the boot. The boots are not torn - the grease is leaking past the clamp on the big end of the CV.

What's weird, is the clamps themselves look nicely positioned, and they are tight. :wtf: Anyway, I was gonna try installing a new set of clamps.

The OEM clamps are custom-fit, specific for the diameter of the CV housing. Unfortunately, the dealer does not sell them individually. I can buy "universal" clamps that have the perforated holes along the entire length of the band. I'm curious if anyone has experience with these? Do they work well? Or, should I source OEM style?

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