Free SD Card Recovery Software

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Free SD Card Recovery Software

Post by cyfaw » Sun May 31, 2020 10:03 pm

SD card is one of the most widely used storage devices which can retain the precious files. However, to completely prevent data loss is impossible.
This article introduces the Bitwar Data Recovery software to retrieve deleted files from an SD card.
What is an SD card?

SD card refers to a memory card that can be used in windows 10/7/8, mac, cameras, and many other portable devices. Users can use it to store files, music, video, etc.
In addition, the use of an SD card is pretty straightforward. You only need to open the SD slot, then insert the SD card into the device. The device will pick up the signals automatically.
Four steps to recover deleted files from SD Card

First of all, stop using your SD card immediately once you lose files on it. Continuing to use the card will increase the chance of data overwriting tremendously, which makes the data unrecoverable.


1. When buying an SD card, you should first consider whether your device supports the card and also its ability.
2. Make a backup regularly to prevent data loss.
3. Never interrupt the data transfer process by disconnecting it abruptly.
4. Apply the Bitwar Data Recovery timely when you find your precious data is missing.

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